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Please read the following before signing up:

It is our desire to see EVERY kid have a chance to attend Young Life Summer Camp! It is also our desire for this not be a stressful process on kids and parents. ​ 
Here are some helpful things you need to know: 
1- Which camp do I register for? 
"Grade" refers to the 2018/2019 school year. If you make a mistake and register for the wrong camp, we can't gaurentee we'll have a spot to move you into. Please be careful! 

- We have limited camp spots
People from around the world attend these camps, and our area is given our fair share of spots. Sometimes we get more spots and it's usually last minute, but sometimes we don't. We also need to make sure we have enough leaders. We know waiting can be tough but 10 out of 10 kids say... it's worth the wait! 

*note: In 2018 a total of 45 kids did not get camp spots because we didn't have enough leaders!  Did you know that kids of leaders have priority at YL Camp? Contact our office for more information! 

- Every kid deserves a chance to go to camp. 
We want to see not only the kids who have supportive parents get a spot but, also the kids that leaders meet in the hallways as school. Those kids deserve a chance to go too. Therefore, after careful research, we have decided to move to a WAITLIST LOTTERY SYSTEM

​- Registration will be open for waitlisting begining December 1st - if not full, the camp waitlist will remain open.
note: the time and date you go on the wait list makes NO DIFFERENCE in the likelihood of getting a spot.
- Beginning the week of December 10, we will begin to place students in spots. 
***NOTE: Our office does not have adminstrative help. This process will take time, we appreciate your patience. 
- First time campers and kids of leaders have priority. (First time camper means this is your first time at that camp, not camp in general)
- If you have not gotten an e-mail with a spot by December 31st, you are on an ongoing waitlist. 


- I got a spot, now what?
If you were awarded a spot, you will get an e-mail asking you to make a $100 deposit. 
If deposit is not made within 10 days - you have forfeitted your spot(s) to this next on the list and will be cancelled. 
*Every effort will be made to contact you for desposit, but we will need to cancel your spot if deposit is not made.  
- All but $10 is refundable if you cancel by April 1st
- June 1st, Final Payment is due. After June 1st, your payment becomes non-refundable. 

 Remember - Everyone goes on the wait list - spots are given beginning the 10th
(be patient - we are placing 150 kids. Could be a few days)
After awarded a spot, you'll have 10 days to make a $100 deposit or the spot will be cancelled.
OPENS DECEMBER 1st at 7:00am

Looking for Dates, Cost, Videos and information?
Visit the Camp Information Page

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