Canyon 6th Grade

2018 6th Grade Camp!
For CU​RRENT 6th Graders in the 2018​/2019 School Year
(incomng 7th grade in fall 2019) 
Dates: 8/1 - 8/5/2019

Where: Washington Family Ranch, Central OR.

Video Link: CLICK HERE​


Each day is full of games, competitions and free time.  Pool, giant swing, climbing walls, skate park, and all our other adrenaline pumping activities are available during free time.  Once you've caught your breath, sit back and enjoy an ice cream, Italian soda, or one of many other treats on the Sassy deck while taking in the amazing views at Washington Family Ranch.

Each night, you'll experience one of the biggest Young Life clubs you have ever seen.  Be prepared to jump around and sing with over 300 other campers.  Each club will conclude with a message from one of Young Life's greatest speakers.  

This is sure to be the best week of your life!


Cost: Total Cost includes transportation and 5 day camp. 


Deposit $100 - Refundable (minus $10) if you cancel by Apri 1st. Remainder due June 1st. 

Want $30 off camp? - After registering, complete your online health form! 



After Registration - Please see the below information about your trip! 

Link for payments AND Required Health and Consent form. 

NOTE: Canyon it named "WFR CANYON"


Transportation Info:

·         Departure 8/1/2019  – Time 8:00am - North Bend Outlet Mall  Address: 461 S Fork Ave SW, North Bend, WA 98045​

​     ·        Return 8/5/2019 – Aprox 7/8pm - North Bend Outlet Mall (kids can text/call when close) 

Other Important Info:

  • Do you have a camper leaving early?  Following form is required in the YL office BY JUNE 1st -​ PERMISSION FOR CAMPER TO LEAVE CAMP.pdfPERMISSION FOR CAMPER TO LEAVE CAMP.pdf

  • Electronics: Please prepare your kids – we do collect all electronics just before we get to camp. Phones, iPods, Gaming equipment, etc. (inlcuding Apple Watches - but best to leave at home) This is meant to give your kids the best experience possible!  They are all kept securely at camp and returned just before getting on the bus when we leave. They will not have time to charge them, so saving some juice for the way home is good! This freedom from devices is often some kids favorite part of the week after they get over the initial shock. 

    • There is no cell phone service at Canyon. In case of an emergency you can contact the camp at 541-489-3100.

    • Electronics that students ARE allowed to bring – a camera, watch, and alarm.  ALL are optional since leaders keep track of time, take lots of pictures and a bell rings every morning!

  • Special Diet Needs:  Young Life always accommodates vegetarians and common food allergies with other options. We keep this food in stock. Please include this special diet information on your health form. However, the uncommon allergies (milk protein, PKU) are more specialized and require advance planning. ONLY In uncommon allergies please contact the camp directly at the emergency number at the bottom of this page.

*Note: the only nuts used in the Young Life Camp kitchen are coconuts, however the snacks that can be purchased are NOT nut free. 

  • Medicines: In accordance with current Oregon state law, any camper under the age of 18 participating in a summer Young Life Camp must check in all medications brought with them to camp to be administered by a member of the medical team.

    • All medicine checked in must be in its original container. The medical team cannot accept medicine that is not properly labeled.   

    • Medicine must be checked in on Day 1 to a member of the medical team between 6-7pm at the Infirmary located in the side of the Muddy Station.  

    • The camper MUST be present when checking in medication with the medical team. Campers will be asked for their birthdates to identify themselves. Questions pertaining to scheduled dosage, purpose of medication may need to be addressed with the camper.

    • Emergency medication such as epi-pens for allergic reactions, insulin for diabetics, and inhalers for asthmatics can be kept by the camper.  

    • Medicine will be administered during Infirmary 30 minutes before each meal only.   

    • Medicine MUST be picked up by the camper it belongs to after breakfast on the last day of camp at the Infirmary.  

  • A note about sick campers: If you have campers experiencing sickness or signs of impending sickness, please leave them at home. As we have experienced in the past, sickness spreads extremely quickly in a camp setting. Bringing sick campers will jeopardize all the people attending during your week. It's not worth the risk.

Packing List:

What to Bring: 

(Note that Canyon does not have a dress code, but use good judgement as your kids pack!  Shoes and shirts are required at meals.)  

·      Bathing Suit (More than one is nice if they have it).

·      1-2 Beach Towels. - camper are provided with 1 bath towel for indoor use only.


·      Water bottle – dehydration sucks, don't let it happen to your kids. Lots of ice/water filling stations at camp!

·      Shirts/T-Shirts/Tank Tops, etc.  Extra is good! (No option to do laundry at camp).

·      Sweatshirt and maybe pants for chilly evenings/mornings.

·      Shoes for around pool/camp. 

·      Close toed shoes/socks for a simple hike.

·      A plastic bag for all dirty clothes to bring home! (Or bring clothes that are okay to throw away… See below about Grubby Clothes). 

·      Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.).

·      Snacks – kids get 3 full meals a day with snacks. Still, more snacks are nice to have especially for the bus! Leaders will bring some snacks for during cabin time. 

·      MONEY for lunch on the way. We will be stopping for lunch. Kids are welcome to pack a sack lunch instead!

·      MONEY for snacks/food on the way home.  Kids will have brunch before leaving the camp, however we will make a stop. Saving money or at least snacks to tide them over for dinner is at home is good.


Unique (but very important) Things to Bring… **Items below could change - check back later!**​

·      ​Dark/Grubby Clothes!  These are clothes that are ok getting wet/dirty.  Athletic shoes that aren't their favorite. Flip flips or barefoot won't work. 

·      A nicer outfit that doesn't need to be fancy. Guys - save a clean polo. Ladies - maybe a sundress, skirt, etc. 



·      Camera (Leaders will hopefully be able to lots of pictures throughout the week).

·      Watch (Leaders are aware of time and there are loud bells that ring throughout the day).

·      Money for YL Store and Snack Shop.

·      Blanket, some campers get cold at night. An extra blanket can be nice if your kids generally get cold. 



·      Fireworks, Weapons, Drugs, Vape (of any kind), Tabacco or Alcohol.  Note that this is an immediate ticket home under parents expense! 

·      BEDDING - Camp provides 1 pillow, sheets, blanket and a bath towel. ​


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