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2019 Spring Giving Campaign

Recent Update: 
We have received a $4,000 MATCH. This means the first $4,000 gifted to Young Life through the above link will be doubled!!!  

In Snoqualmie Valley Young Life, we have continued to encounter and enter into the stories of kids from all walks of life! One of the greatest privileges of walking with kids in our beautiful valley is walking with kids through the good — and the bad. Through all the ways that we have seen and been a part of kids’ stories, we are beginning to dream about what it may look like for their stories to get rewritten. We believe that God wants to rewrite the stories of kids in our valley. At club, camp and small groups (campaigners), we attempt to create a space for kids to open up about their stories, and time and time again, they discover a God who is in it with them and who’s been there the whole time. We are dreaming for kids in our valley, and as we dream, we are finding that God is eager to bring about transformation. Here is what one male high school student had to say:


“I have come significantly closer to God in the past 2 years because of Young Life. One of the biggest things God has shown me is the people I surround myself with. As I grow closer with God, I have grown closer with my leader and friends that have been by my side. God has brought me out of situations I never planned to be in. He always keeps me strong and I know he loves me no matter what I do.” - MSHS Senior


Kids are experiencing freedom, and it is so fun to be a part of it. As volunteers, staff, adult committee, and ministry partners in Snoqualmie Valley, we are entering more fully into the story of hope and renewal that God is inviting us into.


Because of our growth of volunteer leaders and summer camping (180 kids in 2019) we have recognized the need for additional support in staffing. Because of this growing need, we are fundraising. Our goal during a two-week giving campaign between April 15th and April 29th is $10,000. We invite you to enter more into our story with us this season by supporting the work that is ongoing in our community through a financial gift.


As much as we would have loved to invite you to a fundraising event this Spring, we realize life is full this time of year. We get it. Instead, we have decided that with your one time or new monthly gift, we would like to invite you to an optional, open house (drop by) wine tasting in Fall City on the evening of Friday, May 10th.  It is our way of saying Thank You for being awesome, supporting the work of Young Life, and respecting your busy schedules. After receiving your donation, we will send you a formal invitation with details to the complementary tasting.


Thank you for supporting the lives of kids in our valley!


God Bless,

Snoqualmie Valley Young Life Staff, Committee and Volunteers

*Click on the link OR Send check made out to Young Life and send to: 

PO BOX 986, Snoqualmie, WA 98065

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