High School Parent Support Team

“Having quality parents helping organize behind the scenes has enabled our volunteer leaders to focus on relationships with students.”
What does being on the Parent Support Team look like? 
Esentially you are on an e-mail list. No meetings. No planning. No hassle. 
What e-mails will I get? 
We send out an e-mail before club and ask if you or someone else is available to help. Some ideas would be:
- Can you purchase some soda? 
- Do you have a squirt guns we can borrow?
- Can you pick up the pizza? 
- Can we use your home to have club or small group?
- Do you have a backyard firepit we can use?
- Can you be a driver to this event? 
What if I am not available to help? 
Just don't respond. The idea is to have so many parents as part of this team, everyone just does a little.  Which helps a whole lot!  "Many hands make less work!"  We just ask that you please commit to helping with something a few times over the course of the year. 
Ok, that is easy. How do I get on this team? 
E-mail Michelle Carnes at SnoqualmieValleyYL@gmail.com and say "I want to join the Young Life High School Parent Support Team!" 

This team is a really small way to make a BIG impact on the Young Life program!

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