Who: For CU​RRENT 10th, 11th & 12th graders in the 2019-20 School Year 
                            (incoming 11th & 12th grades in fall 2020, graduates spring 2020) 

When: summer 2020 dates tbd

Where: Malibu Club, CANADA 


               Video Link: CLICK HERE      Website: Malibu Club

A week that changes everything! A memory to last a lifetime created in just seven days of high adventure, laughing, meeting new people, hanging with friends, great food, incredible music and Young Life club with 350 other campers. You will get the opportunity to consider a relationship with God in the beautiful setting of Malibu Club.  Go zipping on the brand new double zip lines with a friend, get in 18 holes on our disc golf course, hoop it up on our full-length basketball court, dig out a great return on our sand volleyball court, soak up the sun poolside, rack ‘em up in the game room and so much more. When you need a break you can hit the Totem Inn for a handmade shake or some nachos. You want a quieter place to talk and have a latte or mocha head to the Hamilton's​, Malibu Club’s own espresso bar.

We guarantee you will have a great time here at Malibu Club, and you really can have the best week of your life!​

Cost: tbd for summer 2020

Registration will open December 2019... stay tuned!


Orginal Birth Cert. with Goverment ID (drivers lic, permit, ID) 





(19 yrs old and over required to have passport or EDL only)

Please note the following for border crossing:

- Any students with a 'record' may not be given access into Canada. Things like: DUIs can prevent access into Canada. 

Bus meeeting time and Packing List can be found below - updated in early June depending on ferry information.


After obtaining a spot....

You need to complete 2 forms for Malibu

    #1 - Online form: CLICK HERE - *OPEN NOW

Choose Area WA415 - Snoqualmie Valley AND Malibu Club July 13-19

*you do NOT need a physicians signature - only for Beyond*

PLUS - 1 paper forms orginal signature only: 

    #2 - Permission to take your camper over the border *available in early 2019

*These forms are DUE on June 1st along with final payment. Forms are e-mailed to parents. Don't have them? Just send us an e-mail:

Cost: Total Cost including transportation (Bus, BC Ferry and Princess Ferry) plus 7 day camp -

Price tbd

Deposit $100 - Refundable (minus $10) if you cancel by Apri 1st. Remainder due June 1st. 

Want $30 off camp? - After registering, complete your online health form! ​



After registration and obtaining a spot please see the below information about your trip! 

Forms and Payment:

Young Life requires the following be completed for all Malibu campers:

  • Full payment by June 1
  • Online Health Consent
  • Border Crossing Permission form

Link for payments AND Required Health and Consent form. 




Departure is July 12/13 (the night of the 12th/early morning of the 13th)  Please arrive no later than 2:15 am for check-in at MSHS Freshman Campus/Snoqualmie Middle School as of Fall 2019 (9200 Railroad Avenue, Snoqualmie, WA  98065​) The bus will leave promptly at 2:45 am!

Return July 19/20 (the night of the 19th/early morning of the 20th)  Arrival back at MSHS Freshman Campus/Snoqualmie Middle School as of Fall 2019 at approximately 2 am.

Other Important Information:

Arrival/Departure: Campers cannot arrive late or leave early at Malibu except via float plane at your own expense.

Electronics: Please prepare your camper that almost all electronics are collected on the way to camp. Collected devices include phones, iPods, tablets, gaming equipment, etc. These devices are kept securely at camp and returned on the way home. Campers will not have access to charge devices before leaving camp so they are advised to save some battery life for the ride home! This freedom from devices is often some kids favorite part of the week after they get over the initial shock. Permtted electronics at camp are cameras, watches, and alarms.  ALL are optional since leaders keep track of time, take lots of pictures and a bell rings every morning!

Special Diet Needs:  Young Life always accommodates vegetarians and common food allergies (like nut/gluten) with other options. We keep this food in stock. Please include this special diet information on your health form. However, the uncommon allergies (milk protein, PKU) are more specialized and require advance planning. Please contact the Malibu ONLY if you fall under that catagory of a uncommon allergies. 

CHANGE AS OF 7/29/19 Medications: According to BC laws, Malibu, it is not required for camp to collect and dispense prescription medicines for campers. However, if any campers have medications that would be detrimental for other campers to obtain (such as narcotics: oxy, morphine, anti anxiety, stimulants, antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc.) then it is recommended that these medications be placed under lock box in campers rooms by the leader. Please place all medications in a zip lock bag with your campers’ name on it. The medications will need to be in their original prescription bottles with the dosage information indicated. The lock boxes are in each camper dorm where they can be locked up and the camper can ask the leader to unlock their medication for them to take. ***PLEASE ONLY BRING THE NUMBER OF MEDS NEEDED FOR THE TRIP.***

Please note:

  • Emergency medications such as epi-pens for allergic reactions, insulin for diabetics, and inhalers for asthmatics need to be kept with the camper at all times.
  • Over-the-counter medications may stay in camper posession.
  • An important note about sick campers: If you have campers experiencing sickness or signs of impending sickness, please do NOT send them to camp. As we have experienced in the past, sickness spreads extremely quickly in a camp setting. Bringing sick campers will jeopardize all the people attending during your week. It's not worth the risk!

Packing List

Malibu does not have a published dress code but please use good judgement and discretion when packing!  For example, bathing suits must fully cover bottoms, no speedos, etc. Shirts and shoes are required at all meals. Please note there is no option to do laundry at camp.

  • Swim suit (1-2)
  • Beach towels (1-2) Campers are provided with 1 small bath towel for indoors only.
  • Water bottle – dehydration sucks, don't let it happen to your kids. 
  • Shirts/T-Shirts/Tank Tops, etc. Extra is good! 
  • Sweatshirt and warm pants for chilly evenings/mornings.
  • Shoes for around pool/camp. 
  • Closed-toed shoes/socks for hikes and ropes course.
  • A plastic bag for all dirty clothes to bring home! (Or bring clothes that are okay to throw away… See below about Grubby Clothes). 
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc.).
  • Snacks (optional)  Campers are provided 3 full meals a day with snacks. Many campers like to bring snacks for the bus rides!
  • Pack food or bring money for breakfast on ferry #1. This will be around 8:00 am.
  • Snack/Sack lunch for ferry #2. There is no option for food purchase on this ferry. Campers first meal will be dinner at Malibu.
  • MONEY for snacks/food on the way home. Campers will have brunch before leaving Malibu, however there is sometimes the option to stop again for food or purchase items on the ferry. Please encourage your camper to keep $ for the ride home separate and not spend it all prior! In the past our volunteer leaders have purchased food for campers who did not plan wisely at a great expense! We hope this does not happen again!
  • Grubby clothes and closed-toe shoes!  We recommend bringing a set of clothing and old pair of close-toed shoes that are ok getting wet/dirty/possibly ruined.
  • Camp leaders may be in contact asking your cabin to bring something specific.​ If you don't hear from them, nothing else is needed.

Optional Items:
  • Camera (Leaders will be taking lots of pictures throughout the week).
  • Watch (Leaders are aware of time and announcements are made throughout the day).
  • Money for YL Store and Snack Shop with ice cream and snacks. NOTE: Credit Cards are accepted at camp! 
  • An extra blanket! Some campers get cold at night or on the bus. 
  • Cabin snacks to share.
​What NOT to bring:
  • BEDDING - Camp provides sheets, pillow, blanket and a bath towel (for indoor use only) 
  • Fireworks, Weapons, Drugs, Vape (any type)  or Alcohol.  Note that this could be an immediate ticket home at YOUR expense! ​

​ In the event of an emergency and you need to get in contact with your camper, you may call Malibu: 778-331-7944


Young Life Snoqualmie Valley | PO Box 986 Snoqualmie, WA 98065-0986

Phone: 425-429-0784

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